Training Program

The Training Program will consist of a series of documents and videos describing various UWH skills. The documents and supporting videos will be comprehensive across all aspects of an UWH program covering topics for players, coaches, and referees.

UWH Beginner Skill Videos

Completed videos:

Strikes (Series of 4)

Curls (Standard and Reverse)

Evasive (Deep V {Both Directions}, Figure 6)

Flicks (Introduction)

Upcoming Videos:

Flicks (Quick and Low)

Flicks (For Distance)

Evasive (Deek/Dummy/Fake, South African Fake)

Dives (Kelp, Duck, While Swimming, Equal Puck)

Surfacing (At an angle, clearing snorkel)

Swimming (With puck, At bottom, Midwater, On surface)

UWH Drill Videos

Coming Soon!

Learning to flick (Quick spin, Lift, Snap Forward)

Passing Circle

Tic-Tac (Front to Back, Side to Side)

Star Drill


HoHu, HuHo and Fu


UWH Intermediate/Advanced Skill Videos

Coming Soon!

Deep dive into some of the topics in the Beginner Video Set plus some new moves

UWH Teamwork Skill Videos

Coming Soon!

2 on 1 pinch

Breaking the wall stack

Crashing the goal

Moving out of the corner

Drawing away an opponent

UWH Referee Training Videos

Coming Soon!

In-depth tutorial on UWH fouls, how to spot them, when to call, and what penalty should be awarded

What are we missing?

Please visit our Contact page and let us know if you have an idea for a video we should include, thanks!