Below are the main Equipment projects and the descriptions for each.

If you have any gear products you would like to suggest, please let us know using the Contact page. Thank you!

Please be aware that the "Straily" mask is a Canam UWH Gear product and is outside the scope of Atlantis Sports.


  • The gear projects that Atlantis expects to take on follow the general priority of improving safety then performance then comfort.

Player Gear

Dual Snorkel / Mouth guard

    • By using a dual flow path (one to each side of the face) the snorkel tube can protect against impact on both sides of the face along the jaw. Additionally, a boil and bite mouth guard and front deflector guard (commonly referred to as a mouth guard currently) can be used to actually protect the wearer's teeth and jaw.

    • Combined with a new headgear design the dual snorkel tubes can contour to the wearer's head for a sleek and streamlined fit that offers minimal water resistance and optimal opening placement for breathing.

Head Protection

    • Designing ear guards to make them more streamlined, comfortable and durable, in addition to accommodating the dual snorkel concept and head protector.

    • Designing head protection to provide more resilience to impact and abrasion.

    • Designing reversible colors for the headgear to reduce the pieces of equipment needed for an event.

Elbow Guards

    • Designing a durable sleeve with a cushioned elbow pad.

Referee Gear


  • Designing equipment that is easy to take on and off, durable and comfortable.